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Back Pain Treatment in Morristown

woman with back painTrue healing begins with understanding the root of the problem, and that’s especially the case regarding back pain. This common type of discomfort can stem from many sources, including muscular tension, disc injuries, or nerve compression. It’s often a blend of these factors resulting in a unique pain profile for each individual.

Pinpointing the Pain

To address back pain, it’s crucial that we first provide an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Case and our team at Morris Spine & Sport will identify the source of your discomfort. A precise diagnosis forms the foundation of a personalized treatment plan that pinpoints the mechanisms causing your pain.

Providing Customized Care

Targeting the root of your back discomfort allows us to create a treatment plan designed to relieve symptoms and promote healing. Our approach may include the following:

  • Muscle-Focused Therapies: Therapeutic massage, stretching, or strengthening exercises can alleviate muscular strain or tension, improving flexibility.
  • Disc Rehabilitation: For disc injuries, specific exercises and spinal manipulations can reduce pressure and aid in healing.
  • Nerve Decompression Techniques: If nerve compression issues are present, spinal decompression therapy or chiropractic adjustments can be beneficial.
  • Comprehensive Treatment: We believe in a holistic approach that includes lifestyle changes, ergonomic improvements, and stress management to enhance spinal health and prevent future pain occurrences.

Aiming for Lifelong Wellness

While we want to relieve your discomfort, more importantly, our objective is to restore functions and enhance quality of life. By addressing the true causes of pain and incorporating prevention, we offer lasting relief and a reduced chance of recurrence. We support lasting spinal health and overall well-being by emphasizing ongoing care and proactive management.

Get Out of Pain and on the Healing Path

Dr. Case and her team are here to provide professional guidance on your journey toward relief and improved spinal health. Book an appointment today!


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