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PowerPlate® pro7™ in Morristown

Powerplate machineWant to rev up your workout to maximize the benefits in a shorter amount of time? You can do exactly that with the PowerPlate®, a multi-vibrational whole body vibration platform. The plate we have (the pro7™) features multiple settings. It’s a larger platform and allows us to design any program that you would do on flat land to incorporate the platform.

At Morris Spine & Sport we also have cables built into the PowerPlate with seven different resistance levels that you put attachments onto. Clients can be challenged with bent-over rows, modified shoulder presses, and many other movements.

Makes Workouts More Efficient

The PowerPlate is an incredibly efficient machine, because with the vibration going through your body, all the muscle spindles in your body are firing and the effects are longer lasting.

Let’s say you take a HIIT class, which takes about 45 minutes. After you cool down, most positive effects of the calorie-burning diminish. However, with the PowerPlate, if you did that same HIIT workout, instead of 45 minutes, you can accomplish the same amount with more caloric burn, in 20 minutes or less. Not only that, but because the vibration causes greatly improved blood flow, our clients tend to experience far less post-workout ‘pain’ with appreciably more ‘gain’. So, the PowerPlate is ideal for those on a tight time schedule who still want to fit an efficient, highly effective workout into their day.

Did you know that 95% of NFL teams have the PowerPlate in their training rooms? And about 85% of major league baseball teams have them. The PowerPlate is becoming incredibly popular with all forms of athletes.

Is there anyone who can't or shouldn't have the therapy?

Yes, if you have vertigo, it’s not recommended, as it could make the vertigo worse or trigger symptoms. If you have a pacemaker, you will need to proceed with caution and get cleared by your cardiologist. We also want to know if you have artificial joints, epilepsy, diabetes or are pregnant. These may not be contraindicated, but we would want to take that extra step, as patient safety is always paramount.
Is the PowerPlate hard on the joints?

No, because of the way it’s designed, it is actually easier on the joints than traditional weight training.
Are there benefits other than physical ones associated with the therapy?

Yes, for example, we have a few patients with Parkinson’s. There’s research that shows how the PowerPlate could help someone with the condition, and we’ve actually seen it in action. “The therapy can have a profound impact on those with Parkinson’s by creating new brain synapses,” said Jim.

  • This study, from the World Association of Vibration Exercise, looked at how whole body vibration (WBV) can help improve the clinical conditions of Covid-19 infected individuals.
  • Another new study published this month concludes that WBV helps “improve sensorimotor deficits involving balance, strength, joint position sense, and muscle activity in people with chronic ankle instability.”
  • There has also been a growing understanding that “wear and tear” injury can be helped by exercise. According to new guidelines published by the UK’s National Insititute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), exercise is good for those with wear-and-tear joint arthritis, and recommends it as a “core treatment.” The greatest impediment to exercise for those with osteoarthritis is pain and a misconception that exercise can have a negative impact on arthritic joints. Power Plate allows people to get the exercise that is recommended to manage osteoarthritis using a low impact, state-of-the-art technology.
  • Further research on osteoarthritis published in the Annals of Rehabilitation Medicine have found that WBV “reduced pain intensity and increased strength of the right quadriceps and dynamic balance performance.”

  • View more about the science behind whole body vibration on PowerPlate’s website.

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