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Chiropractic Care

Your brain is responsible for coordinating every activity in your body. It sends out signals to each organ and system, telling it what to do and when to do it. These signals are sent out through the spinal cord and into the nerve of the body. If there is a problem in the spine, then, it interferes with your brain and body communication and could result in problems in the stomach, sinus or knees, depending on where the affected nerves are located.

By addressing problems in the spine, we can improve the symptoms that you’re feeling so that you can move better, be more active and even feel like you’re thinking with greater clarity.

There are many techniques Dr. Randi Case is trained in using:

  • Diversified. This technique addresses each segment of the spine to improve its range of motion.
  • Activator Methods®. A gentle, low-force instrument makes the needed adjustments.
  • Torque Release Technique®. This neurologically based technique addresses the segments at the top and bottom of the spine to make an impact on the nervous system.
  • Applied Kinesiology. If an organ or body part isn’t working properly, a mismatch of energy is present, which can be addressed with this technique.

Additionally, Dr. Case may use myofascial release, trigger point therapy and Sacro Occipital Technique® (SOT®). With many techniques to use, she’ll determine what is most appropriate for your situation and comfort.

Here are just a few of the common conditions that bring patients into Morris Spine & Sport.

  • low back pain
  • sciatica
  • headaches
  • whiplash
  • herniated discs
  • chronic pain

  • carpal tunnel
  • tennis/golfer’s elbow
  • frozen shoulder
  • sprain/strains
  • sports injuries
  • migraines

  • bursitis
  • degenerative joint disease
  • arthritis
  • vertigo/dizziness
  • concussion
  • overuse injuries

Chiropractic can also help with conditions affected by the nervous system such as: fibromyalgia, stress, gastrointestinal reflux, ADHD, and lyme disease.

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What is Whiplash?

What is Frozen Shoulder?

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Overuse Injuries

Your Joints


Back Pain

Sports Chiropractic can treat musculoskeletal dysfunction and injury but more importantly treatment can help optimize your athletic conditioning to make you a more efficient and resilient athlete so you can be perform at your best! During your care session we may also incorporate adjunct treatments to help with your recovery as well as chiropractic care. These therapies may include: ice, heat, ultrasound, electric stimulation, traction, orthotics, braces, balance board, resistance and strengthening exercises, lumbar and cervical stabilization among others.

Dr. Case uses the following therapies to enhance patients’ healing:

    • Electric stimulation (e-stim) - a form of treatment that uses mild electric currents to stimulate muscles and nerves in the body. Benefits include reducing pain and inflammation, improving range of motion and muscle strength, and promoting tissue healing.
    • Ultrasound - uses high-frequency sound waves to produce heat and vibrations. It can be applied directly to the affected body area to provide pain relief, reduce inflammation, and promote healing.
    • Class IV Therapeutic Laser – can help accelerate your body’s natural healing potential—promoting faster pain relief and reducing inflammation.

    • Vibracussor – provides powerful deep tissue massage and mobilization that can break up adhesions and scar tissue. This can help improve range of motion and decrease pain in patients suffering from conditions such as tendonitis or fibromyalgia.

    • Theragun – a handheld percussive massager that uses rapid and repetitive strokes to target specific areas of the body, promoting relaxation and relieving muscle tension. Great at breaking up lactic acid buildup after workouts!

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