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Morris Spine & Sport Chiropractor Reviews

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  • Dr. Randi is compassionate and very knowledgeable about health and nutrition. I am responding very favorably to her protocols and steps to regain my health. I highly recommend Morris Spine and Sport.
    -Marishel M.
  • I truly appreciate the time Dr Case spent on the first visit consult as well as the courtesy and warmth of my initial greeting. Her professionalism and depth of knowledge put me right at ease, as well as her skills as a chiropractor reset my back, hips and eased up the stiffness in my neck. I also enjoyed meeting with Jim and exploring how physical training could get me closer to my goals. Really like this wholistic approach to good health! Looking forward to next visits.
    -Isabelle B.
  • Very friendly staff and extremely helpful! I felt very comfortable and felt an improvement to my issue after just one visit and continue to feel better everyday.
    -Carolyn C.
  • Dr. Randi was very thorough and very knowledgeable!
    -Jill C.
  • Randi is a kind, compassionate doctor with a wealth of experience in helping people with all sorts of health challenges. She was instrumental in helping me to heal my gut after a difficult case of chronic Lyme disease. I highly recommend her!
    -Stephen J.
  • Dr. Case is absolutely the best Chiropractor I have ever had the pleasure of treating with. She gets right to the problem. She’s great at explaining exactly what is going on and how the modalities she’s found will help you. I highly recommend her!
    -Linda S.
  • Had positive results even after the first visit and innovative suggestions as to keep progress going.
    -Christie W.
  • The staff is friendly and very welcoming. They took time to talk with me and asked questions regarding exactly what I was experiencing. I was not rushed and felt very comfortable with the treatment and the treatment plan. I found relief within two visits – so grateful!
    -Kelly H.
  • My back and neck made noises I didn’t know were possible. it’s been so long since my back & neck felt this good, it actually feels strange.
    -Derek V.
  • Everyone is caring and genuinely concerned with how I am doing. It’s like a family without the dysfunction.
    -Brian M.
  • First Chiropractor experience has been great with Dr. Case. I have been experiencing lower & upper back pain, and have gone to the office twice and have seen a considerable amount of improvement. I would highly recommend Morris Spine & Sport to anyone seeking a Chiropractor. Dr. Randi Case is very thorough, knowledgeable and gentle.
    -Maryellen L.
  • This was a Google search and a wish for me. So far this has been a wonderful experience. Dr Case is amazing, She listens and is very easy to talk to. She reviewed medical records. She’s helped alleviate some pain introduced me to some new things and also helped my daughter. I’m very pleased with her so far. Office staff is helpful. I love that I can text the office and use an app for appointments. I also enjoy that they’re punctual!
    -Lidia U.
  • I trust Dr. Case with my life. She is trustworthy, down to earth, incredibly smart, and I just feel comfortable around her.
    -Elizabeth B.
  • Friendly staff who took the time to explain everything. Dr. Randi is so= friendly and I appreciated the time she took to review my health history to determine a plan moving forward!
    -Jennifer D.



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