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Offering Many Modalities to Help You Feel Your Best

muscle-stim-therapy-on-neck-sq-400If nagging pain that lingers in your muscles and joints keeps you from enjoying life to the fullest, know that you’re not alone and help is available. At Morris Spine & Sport, we understand the discomfort that comes with injuries and tight muscles, and we’re here to help you regain your mobility and comfort.

In a recent YouTube video, Dr. Case discusses the following modalities our practice offers to tame tension, promote relaxation, and encourage healing:

E-Stim to Tame Tight Muscles & Pain

Chris, one of our patients, recently hurt his back while exercising. As his back is tight, sore, and hurts when he moves, Dr. Case recommends electric stim (e-stim) therapy as a solution to relieve his acute pain. E-stim serves a dual purpose: it fatigues the muscles, forces them to relax, and stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.

Dr. Case describes the sensation as tingly, similar to an electric massage. This innovative therapy contracts the muscles, gradually relieving tension and pain, leaving you feeling more comfortable and pain-free when you leave our office.

Ultrasound to Soften Tense Muscles

Ultrasound is a fantastic option for individuals with tight muscles that need to soften and relax. It can be used in both a constant wave or pulse format, helping to reduce inflammation in the affected tissues.

Laser Therapy to Accelerate Healing

With our Class IV Therapeutic Laser, tiny laser beams are used to turn parts of the cell back on, which is called photobiomodulation. The laser targets the mitochondria, the energy-producing components of the cells, enhancing blood flow and oxygen delivery and encouraging the repair of tissues.

Vibracussor and Theragun to Relax the Body

The Vibracussor, a vibrating massage tool, is designed to relax your muscles and soften your tissues. It’s a great option for those seeking a gentle and effective solution to muscle tension. And if you have adhesions or are dealing with lactic acid buildup after an intense workout, the percussive power of the Theragun tool can be the answer you’re looking for. These massage tools can help you unwind and ensure your muscles are in top form.

Put Pain in Your Past-Book an Appointment Today

Don’t let discomfort hold you back—schedule a consultation with us today and experience the difference for yourself. Morris Spine & Sport is here to help you regain your mobility and live a more pain-free life.


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