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Better Pitching through Better Fitness

baseball game at sunsetMechanics are key to a pitcher’s performance and their overall ability to minimize the risk of serious injuries. As a former athlete and as a coach for over two decades, and as a nationally certified personal trainer, Jim has a deep appreciation for how critical it is to maintain a strong and healthy body.

While we do not teach people how to pitch here at Big Bear, our approach seeks to strengthen areas of the body that tend to get overlooked in the ongoing pursuit of “velo” (velocity). We emphasize Core, Balance, and Stability while building a comprehensive and well-rounded training regimen that leverages our Power Plates and a host of training tools..

Why Build the Lower Body?

Building and developing a stronger lower body is always beneficial. This is especially true for pitchers. A pitcher with a strong core, excellent balance, and outstanding lower-half stability ends up being well-positioned to lower their risk of upper body injuries, including the elbow and shoulders during pitching motions. Not only can injury risk be minimized, but having a strong lower half can also provide the framework for enhancing pitch speed. Jim’s expertise in Core, Balance, and Stability training has proven effective with his client-athletes.

What to Expect at Big Bear

At Big Bear Strength & Conditioning, you can expect a tailored training program that prioritizes the development of your lower body strength. This program may include exercises such as squats, lunges, and plyometrics that target the muscles and movements essential for pitching, and overall development. Additionally, Jim and his team will guide you through various stability exercises that enhance your core strength and improve your balance, both crucial elements for maintaining proper pitching (and hitting and fielding) mechanics.

While strengthening the lower body forms the core of Big Bear’s training approach, it’s important to note that the program is comprehensive and well-rounded. Jim understands that pitching involves the coordination of various muscle groups and the integration of proper technique. Therefore, you can expect a true 1:1 holistic training regimen that addresses your overall needs as an athlete.

Beyond the physical aspect, Jim is a great communicator – with a heavy emphasis on continuous feedback. Jim makes sure his clients understand they have 100% of his focus and attention.

By understanding each client’s experiences, concerns, and goals, Jim tailors each training program to suit YOUR unique requirements, allowing for a personalized approach that maximizes your progress.

Come Try Us!

By incorporating a comprehensive training regimen and maintaining open communication, our Big Bear provides an environment that fosters growth, injury prevention, and enhanced performance. With Jim’s guidance, over time, you can expect to perform better while reducing your risk of injury.

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